EXCLUSIVE TRADER EVENT: Amsterdam 17th October 2020
From: Jason Graystone, Mike Bellafiore & Special Guests
Date: 17th October 2020
Time: 18:00 until 21:00
Location: Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre, Paul van Vlissingenstraat 9-11
1096 BK
The Netherlands
I am very excited to invite you to this exclusive event aimed at giving nothing but value to the trading community.
There are very few people in this industry who's advice I take seriously. 
I have assembled a group of the best traders I know to offer a wide range of expertise and knowledge to the audience.

Whether you are brand new, thinking about trading or a professional, this event will be a one off and not one to miss!

My good friend Mike Bellafiore is visiting London to share his knowledge in trading and what the key aspects are to becoming a successful trader after running one of the most respected proprietary trading desks in New York.
Jason Graystone is a Co-founder of Tier One Trading and founder of the Tiers of Freedom program.

Since starting his first business at 22 years old, Jason has successfully built and run multi-million pound businesses both in the service sector and online. At age 24, Jason found a love for investing. 

A combination of passive investing and speculation in the financial markets allowed him to adopt a powerful wealth acceleration strategy, helping him achieve complete financial independence and making him a millionaire in his late 20’s. 

Jason’s contribution in the education space has been recognised as being radically transparent and transferable. 

His refreshingly honest and insightful approach to helping other traders succeed has since been commended by Forbes magazine which he has been featured in for his innovative work towards trader development. 

A large part of his trading success was built on a foundation of becoming a business owner first. His obsession with statistics and data is what he believes has led him to discover the missing links in todays trading education.

Jason has a vast global successful trading community made up of serious traders and investors who are part of the Tier One Trading platform and the Tiers of Freedom Program.
  • Strength: Making the complicated uncomplicated
Mike Bellafiore is the Co-founder of SMB Capital, a proprietary trading firm in New York City, and SMB Training, its trader education division. He is the author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade and The PlayBook. He also authored a chapter for The StockTwits Edge, in which he discussed a favorite trading setup. Mr. Bellafiore writes regularly for SMB Training blog, where he shares ideas on how to improve trading performance. SMB’s trading techniques were noted in The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist, written by Dr. Steenbarger. As an international lecturer, Mr. Bellafiore has built trader trading programs globally for hedge funds, prop trading desks, and retail traders and personally coaches select elite traders outside his firm.
  • Strength: Elite Trading Coach
SMB Capital’s trader training program was highlighted in the TV documentary Wall Street Warriors. His firm has appeared regularly on CNBC’s Fast Money, CNNMoney, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. SMB produces educational videos for the trading community daily on its YouTube Channel- SMB Capital.
Siam Kidd is a full time retail Investor/Trader, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He says, “I was probably the worst trader on the planet for the first 6 years, losing money constantly, before things became consistent. People don’t need to go through the same crap I did…”
  • Strength: Predicting Trends
Siam has accurately called many Crypto moves which have made his community profits, but his Personal Best to date is the 2015 Black Monday crash where he managed to make over £422k in 30 mins. 

In more recent times, Siam accurately called the January 2018 Bitcoin crash where he sold all of his Cryptos and then jumped back in the market at the lows thereby accumulating a far better position. 

He’s also a regular Crypto Keynote Speaker and was the star Crypto presenter at the US Money Show Las Vegas Event.
Merritt Black is the head trader at SMB Futures trading desk. He trades predominantly intraday, with a focus on Crude Oil futures, and has been trading for over a decade. Since graduating with a B.S. in Finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Merritt has worked for Merrill Lynch, been a partner at a CTA, and has traded for multiple proprietary trading desks.
  • Strength: Short term volume
As a proponent of Auction Market Theory and Market / Volume Profile, Merritt relies heavily on understanding the current market condition in order to frame context. Inside of that context, Merritt fine tunes his tactics by using short-term volume and order-flow tools.
Anthony Cheung - Director at a proprietary trading firm called Amplify Trading, trading global macro strategies across asset classes, providing financial market training, and trading technology development.

Over 12 years experience in covering EU, US, Asia-Pacific time zones across FX, equity, fixed income and commodity markets, with a specialism in fundamental news and analysis. 

Instrumental member of a start-up through to a well-established market leader with knowledge of strategy and business development, human resources and marketing. Expertise in using social media platforms to enhance corporate branding.

Respected market voice in financial news with comments in national press such as the Guardian, Telegraph and BBC.
  • Strength: Fundamental Analysis
His specialism is in fundamental analysis, an area that is pivotal for every institutional investor but often avoided by non-professionals due to its perceived complexity. Anthony's main mission is to educate new traders about this area and how it can not only lead to a more sound understanding of market movement but also increase awareness to unnecessary risks when learning to trade.
Austin Silver -  Austin Silver is an active Forex trader, trading coach, and co-owner of The Silver Investment Group. Austin started his career as a retail trader in 2015 in his college dorm room. As with most retail traders, he spent the first eighteen months of his career up and down, unable to find consistent success. Austin was finally able to turn a consistent profit in year two and from there, it was off to the races.  
  • Strength: Technicals
Fast forward 3.5 years later and Austin has now built one of the largest social media followings in the trading industry behind sharing valuable content through his daily trades. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Austin has built two profitable businesses around the strategies he uses daily in the Forex market. Austin’s passion is rooted in helping bring value to the masses. His goal is to get as many people as possible trading actively and taking full control of their financial future.
Michael Lamothe - is the Founder of Mara. With over 20 years of trading experience under his belt, Mike has learned that the key difference between traders that succeed and traders that don't comes down to mindset.
  • Strength: Helping Traders Trade Fearlessly
Mike has dedicated his life to helping traders trade fearlessly. He does this by helping traders identify & release limiting beliefs, and acquire beliefs that serve them better. He coaches traders of all methodologies, asset classes, and time frames. 

Mike also trades his own system E.A.G.L.E. which focuses on high quality momentum stocks. He uses this system to day trade and swing trade over the intermediate term.
Postillion Convention Centre: Amsterdam
The Postillion is a state of the art convention centre in the Netherlands.
An eye-catching location with the most innovative technological facilities, complete with flexible workspaces. Ideally located, close to motorways and with sufficient parking.
Learn From Professionals, and You Will Achieve the Best!
The insights you will gain from this event are going to be priceless.
With a combined experience of almost 100 years in trading, you are definitely going to get value from the night.
 Interactive Q & A with the audience
 Network with other traders 
 Prize give-aways
See you there,

Jason Graystone
P.S. : This event has limited availability. The promotion of this event is going out to all of the traders circle of influence, emails lists and social media feeds. It is likely to get booked up in a very short space of time. 
This is a once in a blue moon event and not to be missed. If you are serious about your trading game, my advice is "Make it happen!"

P.P.S. : There will be no sales or back-of-the-room sleaze. Just pure, 100% value!

How do I get there?
The venue address is:
Paul van Vlissingenstraat 9-11
1096 BK
The Netherlands

From the A10 (all directions), take exit S-111 Amstel Business Park Industrial Estate. At the traffic lights at the end of the exit, turn left onto Johannes Blookerweg. At the next traffic lights, follow the slight bend to the left onto the extended Marwijk Kooystraat. Pass under the railway and turn right at the traffic lights, again passing under the railway. The Kauwgomballenfabriek (Gumball Factory) is immediately to your left.

It is a 3-minute walk (230 meters) to Postillion Hotel Amsterdam from Overamstel underground station. Take the 50 or 51 underground from Central Station, Amsterdam RAI Station, Amsterdam Amstel Station, Duivendrecht Station or Amsterdam Zuid Station. Get off at Overamstel.

From the 5th of November, Postillion Hotel Amsterdam will have 89 (paid) covered parking spaces. There is also (paid) parking in its immediate surroundings. More information about parking can be found on the picture below.

Can I bring a partner?
You can bring as many people as you like but they must all have their own paid ticket.
Will drink be provided?
There will be a bar for the guests to use but drinks are not included in the ticket price.
What is the dress code?
Feel free to wear what you like! Traders are scruffy!
Do I need to bring something to take notes on or a laptop?
A note pad and pen will be useful. A laptop might be a bit much but it's entirely up to you.
Is this event online or in person?
This is NOT an online webinar. It is a LIVE event in person. You will need to be in Amsterdam to attend on the day.
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